Why choose us

What sets us apart

We take great pride in making sure our students are happy while training with us. All of our students who train with us are offered a position with us as a flight instructor, and this holds true even with the current COVID-19 pandemic going on. We’re proud to boast a 100% placement rate.

We actually treat you like a customer, and not just another number to push through the grapevine. Flight training can be costly, and we truly value the students that come and train with us, and will do what we can to ensure satisfaction. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy your time in this program, and have a lot of fun training with us!

We’re also focused on student success instead of profitability. Students have unlimited use of our simulator, and we’re more than happy to provide as much training as needed to ensure students pass their checkride and become a safe and competent pilot.

All of our instructors are also capable of teaching every course we have to offer. This means you can stay with your favorite instructor throughout your entire training. This also helps if you need to fly with multiple instructors, as everyone on our staff can give instruction towards any rating or certificate we provide training for.

How we compare

Aviators Flight AcademyCompetitor “E”Competitor “C”Competitor “M”
Price$64,900 All inclusive, or $135/hr Pay as you go$58,000, $160/hr pay as you go$160/hr Pay as you go$205/hr Pay as you go
Est. Completion6-9 months12 monthsNo guaranteed timelineNo guaranteed timeline
Exam FeesIncludedNoNoNo
Written Test PrepIncludedNoNoNo
DPE FeesIncludedNoNoNo
Airline PartnersYesNoNoNo