Flight Simulators in Van Nuys

There is nothing like flying high and being in control of your own aircraft. It is truly the best way to log hours and learn how to fly. There are occasions, though, where flying isn’t possible due to inclement weather or a shortage of available equipment or time. When that happens, you can still log hours with a flight simulator. Aviators Flight Academy has a flight simulator at our Van Nuys training center. Flight simulator training is a good way to get some necessary practice. Our instructors will assist you during your flight simulator time to answer questions and guide you just like they would if you were in the sky. Our flight simulator training is designed to be as realistic as possible, so you get the full effect.

Our Frasca 141 Flight Trainer is a great choice to build time for your Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Certificate, at a fraction of the cost! Our certified simulator is approved by the FAA to write off flight time, helping you save a lot of money while getting quality training in the process.

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