Hello Potential Pilot!

You are receiving this message because you have indicated an interest in flight training. We provide training for all types of pilots: recreational, commercial, and transport. Whatever your interests are in aviation, we can help you achieve them. We train in the newest planes with the most advanced avionics. Our aircraft are safe, reliable, and well maintained. Our instructors are of the most experienced pilots, with some of the best student graduation stats in the industry.

As far as the posted wages, it’s true that you can make a six figure income in less than three years in this field. To qualify for the Commercial Airline Pilot Program (CAPP), you must complete your Private Pilot Course, which is the pre-requsite for all other courses in aviation. You will then have the option to join our pilot placement program, and start working right away, or you can become an airline cadet. As an airline cadet, we guarantee you a flight instructor position with us. Flight instructor wages start at $25/hr to $35/hr based on completed courses and experience.

Your first step would be to book a Discovery Flight with us ($199). That gets you in the door so you can check out the facilities, meet the instructors, check out the aircraft, and go for a flight! We give you lots of hands on experience, and a completed FAA log book with an hour of dual instruction that goes towards your 40 hour Private Pilot Course (40 hours).

Ask us how as little as $1600 can get you going and on your way to becoming a professionally trained pilot.

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