Airline Pilot Training

If you’re looking to become an airline pilot, our airline pilot training course can help you get there in as little as two years! Our intense program will have you training as much as 5 hours in a day, 5 days per week, where you’ll earn all the licenses and ratings required to become an airline pilot. We can also offer our program at a more flexible pace, allowing you to complete your training in a more flexible timeline to meet your needs.

Our full time program usually takes a little under a year to complete, and at the end of this airline pilot training course, you’ll earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi Engine Ratings and become a Certified Flight Instructor with both CFI-A and CFI-I ratings.

Need housing? Nearby accommodations are available at an affordable rate!

Program Prerequisites:

  • Be 17 Years of Age or Older
  • Hold a 3rd Class Medical Certificate or Higher (We can help you get this!)
  • Be a US Citizen, or have TSA Approval if not a US Citizen (We can help you get approval!)

Pricing Information

If you are starting with no experience, our program starts at $64,900, and can be fully financed. Special pricing is available if you already hold a Private Pilot Certificate, or an Instrument Rating!

Financing Information

We’re proud to have financing partners who are ready to help you fund your training. If you’ll need any financing, let us know, and we can connect you with our lending partners who can get you set up.

If you’re ready to begin your flight training journey, Contact us now!