Airline Pilot Program

This is by far our most complete career training course offered. You can expect to be in this program for about a year. This is a full time program that’s 5 hrs/day, 5 days/week. At the end of this course you will have the skillset, and all the pre-requisets to begin your career with the airlines. Because of the length and commitment for this course, accommodations near the school are available for out of state and international students. All students abroad wanting to train with us are welcome, but at this point in time, you will need to obtain a US student visa to attend class. All foreign students must speak English fluently prior to enrolling.

As far as potential earnings go, it’s true that you can make a six figure income in less than three years in this field. A career with the airlines used to involve needing a 4 year aeronautical university degree; this is no longer a requirement. To qualify for the Airline Pilot Program (APP), you must complete your Private Pilot Course, which is the pre-requsite for all other courses in aviation. US residents will then have the option to join our pilot placement program, and start working right away (see Career Commercial Pilot section), or you can become an airline cadet. As an airline cadet, we guarantee you a flight instructor position with us. Flight instructor wages start at $25/hr to $35/hr based on completed courses and experience.

Local candidates are encouraged to book a Discovery Flight with us ($199). That gets you in the door so you can check out the facilities, meet the instructors, check out the aircraft, and go for a flight! We give you lots of hands on experience, and a completed FAA log book with an hour of dual instruction that goes towards your 40 hour Private Pilot Course (40 hours).

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