Our Instructors

Aristotle Green

CFI, CFII, MEI | Chief Flight Instructor

Hello 🙂 I’m Ari Green, and I’m the Chief Flight Instructor here at Aviators Flight Academy. I’ve been a pilot since before my US Marine days. With over 3000 hours of flight instruction experience, I’ve flown and taught in many different types of aircraft, and I’ve held various jobs in aviation.

My last job was chartered island hopping between the Hawaiian Islands in a turbo powered Pilatus. Regardless of whatever amazing job I’ve had in aviation, I always find myself circling back to flight school. I’m happy to say that I enjoy being a career instructor, and always look forward to graduating yet another student. I love seeing that huge grin from one of my students finishing his or her check ride with yet another successful passing grade.


Abid Raza


Hi! I’m Abid, a CFI II. My passion for aviation has been with me since I was a young kid. I’m a graduate of California Polytechnic University Pomona with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I enjoy sharing my passion for aviation with others, especially when it comes to teaching my clients to fly! I maintain a fun yet rigorous training experience while having safety as my first priority, in order to achieve my client’s goals.


Miguel Sebastian


I’m Miguel. I’m a graduate of ATP Flight School in Long Beach, and I’ve trained in the Cessna 172, and the Piper Warrior. My aircraft of choice is the SportCruiser, and Aviators Inc has the only SportCruiser in Van Nuys. After trying out the SportCruiser, I developed an appreciation for its advanced avionics and an admiration for its training advantages. I’m a cadet instructor for SkyWest Airlines, on track to be a commercial pilot. Flying is my passion, my dream, and my life long commitment.


Mohammad Naqvi

CFI, CFII | Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Hi! I’m Mohammad, and I’m a CFII with Aviators Flight Academy. I’m also a senior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, majoring in Aeronautics. My passion for aviation started when I was a kid, and took my first flight. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve done almost all of my flight training in the SportCruiser, and it’s one of my favorite planes to fly and instruct in.

I really love flying, and I also love teaching students how to fly. While my goal is getting to the airlines, I definitely want to stay in the general aviation community, and help share my passion for flying with as many people as I can.