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Is Part-Time Flight Training Right for You?

Part-time flight training is a perfect match for many people who aspire to fly an aircraft but are held back by their prior commitments, full-time jobs, lack of time, college education, and even hesitation. Although it is a feasible way to get into commercial piloting, it has some pros and cons. The final decision, though, is always in the hands of the student.

Who Should Opt For Part-Time Flight Training?

The students for part-time flight training are college students with an ongoing course, full-time job employees, and even people with families. A part-time flight training is best suitable for such people as it can be completed as and when a person can schedule it.

Advantages of Part-Time Flight Training

  1. Go at your pace: The most significant issue about not being able to go for full-time flight training is the lack of time. Part-time or pay-as-you-go courses let you go at your own pace. Make time over weekends and holidays to complete the course faster and go slower during the busy weekdays.
  2. Create schedules according to you: You have the power to schedule your flight training activities according to you. You can opt for flying sessions during the weekends and ground courses during the weekdays. You can also choose the time of in-air training depending on your schedule.
  3. Pay per course: These courses are designed to pay as the students progress in the class. Moreover, these courses also reduce the financial load for students who are already in college and paying other debts.
  4. Select your timeline: You get to expand or reduce your course duration depending on how quickly you want to finish it. 
  5. Study at home: It is recommended that you complete your ground study at your home over the weekdays and focus on the in-air skills and training when you are at your aviation center.
  6. Complete your other commitments in the background: You get to give time to your other obligations while learning flying skills. You can complete your college, get a degree, do your full-time job, or take care of your family while training is on the back-seat.

Disadvantages of Part-Time Flight Training

  1. No student loans: The timeline of such courses can be shifted at any time. Banks don’t approve student loans in such scenarios since they can’t fix a term for the loan.
  2. Uncertain course duration: It is up to you to go at your own pace, but this also leads to unpredictable course duration leading to other issues.
  3. Losing the skills: Since you cannot put your skills at regular practice, you can lose them, especially the practical ones. These skills may include handling unfamiliar situations during the flight, testing the instruments, and the flying techniques.

About‌ ‌Aviators‌ ‌Flight‌ ‌Academy 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Part-Time Flight Training
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