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Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser

We use state of the art SportCruisers for our general flight training. Not only is the SportCruiser a stylish plane, but it’s safe and economical as well. The SportCruiser comes with the most modern aviation safety equipment, and features a VERY efficient Rotax 912 engine! Training in Light Sport Aircraft cuts training costs in half, and makes the training experience in advanced aircraft very affordable and fun!



5 Hours





Block Rate


Aviators Aircraft

Modern Avionics

Featuring dual Dynon HDX displays with a Garmin GPS. Airliners fly with glass cockpits, you should too!

Ballistic Recovery System

The SportCruiser is so safe, that it even features a Parachute for the entire aircraft! In the event something goes wrong, the parachute will bring you down to the ground, keeping you safe.


The SportCruiser meets the definitions of being a TAA Aircraft, allowing you to train in one towards a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Fuel Efficient

Despite this aircraft being brand new, it's also very fuel efficent, at only 5 gallons used per flight hour. We pass the savings down to you, making your training much more economical!
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