About Us

At Aviators Flight Academy, we are dedicated to providing the best flight training environment, in modern aircraft, at an amazing rate. Your dream of becoming a pilot has never been so affordable or obtainable.

All our students train in modern, new aircraft with all the latest avionics in communications, navigation, and touch screen personal flight displays. It is our goal to provide the best training possible, in the safest aircraft, to produce knowledgeable, informed, competent, and safe pilots.

We offer a variety of certifications to suit your needs:

  • Sport Pilot
  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • and Commercial.

Private Pilot graduates are guaranteed a flight instructor position with us after completing the CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) course.

If your dream is to fly for the airlines, a private firm, or for personal endeavors, we are committed to helping you make those dreams a reality. Come fly with us!